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Tesla Model S PPF/ Clear bra by IE Auto Detailing

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

What Is the Purpose of Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a thin but durable polyurethane film or polymer that serves as the last layer of defense. It protects the vehicle's exterior from UV exposure, chemicals, road debris, and acid rain. This protection can save you thousands of dollars in auto body repair.

What Is Your Vehicle's Condition?

Each PPF installation starts with prep work on the vehicle. The paint must be in perfect condition before applying any permanent protection.

The most common misconception is if the vehicle came from the dealership, it's in great shape. Unfortunately, dealerships are not always the greatest at maintaining the vehicle's paint. If your vehicle is in bad condition, then it will take a long time to prep the paint before applying any film, which can be pretty expensive.

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