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After one year, your vehicle is likely to be worth approximately 20% less than what you paid for it. After five years, that new vehicle will have lost about 60% of its value. If you plan to buy a new car, you want to retain its appearance from the day you purchased it.


Your vehicle must be shielded from the forces of nature that wreak on its appearance. You may have heard of protective coatings and wonder about the expenses. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with more information about the paint protection film cost.

What Is the Purpose of Paint Protection Film?

DYNOshield STEK -Paint protection film is a thin but durable polyurethane film or polymer that serves as the last layer of defense. It protects the vehicle's exterior from UV exposure, chemicals, road debris, and acid rain. This protection can save you thousands of dollars in auto body repair.


What Is Your Vehicle's Condition?

Each PPF DYNOshield STEK installation starts with prep work on the vehicle. The paint must be in perfect condition before applying any permanent protection.

The most common misconception is if the vehicle came from the dealership, it's in great shape. Unfortunately, dealerships are not always the greatest at maintaining the vehicle's paint. If your vehicle is in bad condition, then it will take a long time to prep the paint before applying any film, which can be pretty expensive.


How Much Coverage Are You Looking For?

The most critical element in determining the price is the level of coverage you want for your car. Some car owners want PPF on certain parts of their vehicle, like the hood, rear-wheel arch, front bumper, and rocker panels.


While other vehicle owners want to cover every exterior surface with a paint protection film.


What Is Your Vehicle's Difficulty Rating?

A factor that may affect the cost is how difficult it is to apply the PPF to your vehicle. Vehicles with very dramatic design elements or sharp curves need extra time to apply the PPF. This element may contribute to the labor cost of your PPF work.

Do You Need Extra Protection?

IE DETAILING AND TINTING provides other services that you may want to combine with your PPF purchase. Window Tint  and Ceramic coating are the most often used, which can impact the cost.



Protect your investment with DYNOmatte Stek 

PPF DYNOmatte STEK can reduce orange peel and eliminate adhesive marks. It can also protect the car from chemicals and corrosion. It also offers excellent stain protection and helps prevent paint damage caused by stone chips.

Minor Scratches Heal Quickly

PPF provides impressive self-healing properties. This implies that a detailer can repair minor scratches by applying direct heat or by using a blown heat gun.

Resistance to High Temperatures

PPF DYNOmatte STEK provides a heat shield that prevents UV and infrared rays from entering the vehicle's surface materials. This one-of-a-kind feature prevents fogging or fading of the headlights, ensuring optimal vision.

How Long Does Protective Film on Paint Last?

If PPF DYNOmatte STEK is implemented properly, it should last between 5 and 10 years. PPF comes with a guarantee As with any vehicle maintenance product, many factors affect the product's lifespan.

The most frequent variables affecting the life of a paint protection film are the following:

The Surface Preparation

While PPF is a protective layer, it is only as effective as the surface of the car. Surface preparation involves removing impurities from the paint before applying the PPF. This entails complete disinfection and multi-stage machine polishing.

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