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Here are some great reasons to choose us,

IE Auto Detailing and Tinting as your ONLY choice for all your vehicle's needs:


• We have been in business since 2007

• Advanced Certified Installer and innovator in this industry

• Clean climate control and air filtration facility to ensure a high-quality install

• Lifts, tanks, & deionized water system to help provide our tech with professional equipment

• We have general liability and GARAGE KEEPER insurance…just in case it’s ever needed

  (most shops don’t carry any insurance)

• Our facility has cameras and alarm

• The detailed inspection process before, during, and after installation

• Most of all…This is an art and not a job…The artist will always do a better job!



At IE Auto Detailing we apply ceramic coatings. They are sold mainly in packages based on years of protection. The pricing can range from a few hundred dollars for a 6-month to a lifetime warranty. However, the installation of ceramic coatings is just the tip of the iceberg.

A ceramic coating protects the substrate where it’s applied. It also amplifies the condition of the paint, plastics, chrome, or other materials. 


Angel is wipping off the ceramic coating 

How do you apply ceramic coating to a car?

Let’s start with the first question most Car's owners ask online,how are coatings installed in the first place  and how do they protect the paint? A professional-grade nano-ceramic coating is installed by applying a small amount of liquid polymer coating onto a microfiber applicator cloth. Once it’s on the applicator, our installer will wipe it on the vehicle’s surface, let it quickly bond and flash, then wipe off the residue.

Is there a prep process prior putting ceramic coating to a car's paint?

To get the full effect of a ceramic coating, the car needs to be showroom clean, free of blemishes, dirt, and anything else your eye can see.

The ceramic coating installation process involves two primary steps.

Prep: The prep process is intended to remove any surface contaminants from the vehicle’s paint, glass, wheels, or interior materials that will be coated with ceramics.

This involves multiple independent steps including:

Decontamination Car Wash. We will use a dedicated car shampoo or rinseless wash to fully remove standing dirt, debris, and older layers of wax (in some instances).

Iron & Fallout Removal. The second step involves removing microscopic ferrous-based materials that can be embedded in the clear coating of vehicle paint. This involves using an Iron Remover (which is a chemical spray that dissolves about 85% of these contaminants in a few minutes). The second part of fallout removal is using a clay bar – which should be completed by a professional detailer to avoid scratching.

Surface Prep Spray. The final step in the preparation process is to use a specialized surface prep spray, that will remove the soap and chemical residue left behind by the first two steps. This leaves the surface surgically clean, and ready for polishing or paint correction if needed.

Paint correction involves using a compound or polish, a set of pads, and an electric buffer or polisher to perfectly level the paint on your car. You see – a ceramic coating simply amplifies what’s underneath the hard layer of protection. This means, if there are any swirl marks or imperfections in the paint, those will make the paint job look worse. If the paint has a deep, glossy, and shiny appearance, the paint job will become visually stunning with the coating installed.

This paint correction process ensures that you get a smooth coat around a vehicle to eliminate paint swirls and other imperfections that come either from the factory or from aged paint.

When the paint correction is completed, We use that surface prep spray to remove any oils and debris left by the polishing compounds – again, leaving a perfectly clean surface for the coating to bond perfectly.

We begin on one section of the vehicle, making sure to work with at least some speed to ensure the ceramic coating doesn’t cause the cloth itself to harden.We want to apply a smooth, even coat of ceramic to every visible part of our vehicle without leaving streaks or extra layers that will look uneven.

We are your number one stop shop for Auto detailing,Ceramic coating,window tint and ppf/clear bra in the Inland Empire covering the cities of Riverside, Corona, Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Norco, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Rubidoux, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley.

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