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Best paint protection for my car

Protect the Car

PPF can reduce orange peel and eliminate adhesive marks. It can also protect the car from chemicals and corrosion. It also offers excellent stain protection and helps prevent paint damage caused by stone chips.

Minor Scratches Heal Quickly

PPF provides impressive self-healing properties. This implies that a detailer can repair minor scratches by applying direct heat or by using a blown heat gun.

Resistance to High Temperatures

PPF provides a heat shield that prevents UV and infrared rays from entering the vehicle's surface materials. This one-of-a-kind feature prevents fogging or fading of the headlights, ensuring optimal vision.

How Long Does Protective Film on Paint Last?

If PPF is implemented properly, it should last between 5 and 10 years. PPF comes with a guarantee As with any vehicle maintenance product, many factors affect the product's lifespan.

The most frequent variables affecting the life of a paint protection film are the following:

The Surface Preparation

While PPF is a protective layer, it is only as effective as the surface of the car. Surface preparation involves removing impurities from the paint before applying the PPF. This entails complete disinfection and multi-stage machine polishing.

If all the contaminations are not removed, it will increase the likelihood that it may collapse early.


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