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Ceramic coating

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Tesla Model X

Ceramic coating takes about 24-hours to initially cure. At this point, the vehicle is officially protected from UV rays, environmental contamination, and becomes very slick or hydrophobic.

There are other direct consumer-grade nano-ceramic coatings that DIY enthusiasts or mobile detailers can install themselves. The problem is – they don’t last very long, and mistakes on installing them in less-than-perfect conditions can cause uneven layers, foggy-appearing paint, and even clear coat failure.

Our advice here is to either consult with or use a professional detailer to assess how much ceramic coating will cost and how it can be applied the best. The ceramic coating requires more skill in part because ceramic coating can’t be removed without paint correction. Instead, the ceramic coating wears off over time, so a skillful hand is necessary to achieve the right visual and protective effect upon application.

A skilled detailer can better anticipate how the paint on your Tesla will react to the ceramic coating, but you can still help prepare the paint before getting professional coated.

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